Future: Drugs and Pain Made a Legend

Updated: Dec 13, 2020


Future, born Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. He is personally my all time favorite hip-hop artist and for this reason I am very happy to tell you about his music. To talk about Future I chose an opposite way to the usual one, In fact I will start telling you about his hefty discography starting from 2020 going back year by year, album by album, mixtape by mixtape. To date his latest release is Pluto X Baby Pluto in collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert produced by my favorite producer: DJ Esco. This mixtape is solid and can be appreciated even by those who are not used to listening to this type of trap music. It contains some absurd tracks including my favorite which is Drankin N Smokin but I recommend you also listen to Stripes Like Burberry, Real Baby Pluto, Million Dollar Play, I Don't Wanna Break Up and the two tracks released during the summer of 2020 i.e. Patek and Over your Head (I used to love these two songs during holidays). They are undoubtedly the best part of the deluxe released the day after the original mixtape was released.

High Off Life

In 2020 Future also released an album that blessed the ears of all listeners. It is High Off Life, the simple name presents an impactful metaphor that foretells the uniqueness of this masterpiece. If you love rap you must absolutely listen to it in its entirety because in my opinion it is one of the best two albums of the year along with The Weeknd's After Hours. This Future masterpiece hardly drops below nine in fan ratings and sees its artistic highest point in "Accepting My Flaws" where Nayvadius sings:

"I've been tryna fight my demons, I've been tryna fight my cup

I always tell her she my therapy, I told her it was rough

She acceptin 'all my flaws, I got diamonds with the cut

I've been sufferin 'withdrawals, missin' out on real love"

I believe that Future himself did not realize the depth of this phrase that sifts his relationship with Lori Harvey and his addiction to drugs. These kinds of reflections about life are what make Future a one-of-a-kind artist as well and a fundamental part of my life. Continuing in the discography of this artist we will find several phrases like this that I will not forget to underline. Changing the mood a little bit, you must certainly also listen to Solitaries with Travis Scott, Ridin Strikers, Trapped In The Sun which are really absurd hype tracks.


In 2019 our artist surprises again with the release of Save Me, an extraordinary EP that sees in Love Thy Enemies a poetic moment of deep sadness in which Future says:

"Roses, roses I sent, they forever died

Chosen, frozen, livin 'in paradise"

This song is one of the most beautiful ever made by Future but the whole EP deserves to be listened to in full also because it is short and none of the 7 tracks is skippable. Now let's talk about The WIZRD. This album dropped in 2019 and it's still extremely underrated but I swear that it's worth listening to it because almost all the tracks are great. The trap-sounds adopted by Future are of fine quality but the best song in my opinion is Never Stop, a song that praises never giving up and talks about how people don't really care about you until they can take advantage of your presence. This song brings tears to my eyes. It is truly touching.

"Love is just a word, it don't matter to me

I got so rich, nothing matters to me

I'm livin 'my second life, it's so amazin'

I done been hit with a bullet, and one grazed me

I done been considered a failure, it don't faze me "

I recommend that you also listen to the other tracks on this album which is truly extraordinary. You can start listening to it with these tracks that are my favorites: Crushed Up, Call The Coroner, Promise U That and Stick To The Models.


In 2018 Future releases two collaborative mixtapes: one released in collaboration with Juice WLRD called WLRD ON DRUGS and the other in collaboration with producer Zaytoven called BEASTMODE 2. The first project offers us a great idea to understand the influence that Future's music has had on society today. I find that a great interpretation of the music that Future creates was given by Outkast's André 3000 when he called it "The Most Negative Inspirational Music Ever". Click here to read the Genius article testifying what André 3000 said about Future. But what did he mean by defining Future's music as negative inspirational? If you have listened to the projects that I have indicated so far, you will surely understand that the topic of drugs in Future is not simply quoted or vulgarly told as the typical trappers do in Italy but also in America. Here the drug-topic is a fundamental and essential part of the artist's story as it played a substantial role in the latter's life. There would be so many things to talk about on this topic like when Juice WLRD, who died at only 21 years old on December 8, 2019, When he met Future for the first time he told him that it was his music that convinced him to start doing codeine when he was very young. Some even went so far as to blame Future for Juice WLRD's death. I personally don't see it that way, I believe that everyone is responsible for their own choices but the death of the young artist from Chicago is a very clear example of how Future has negatively inspired an entire generation by pushing them to do drugs. You know, when you're locked in the studio for days focusing solely on writing and making music, it's easy to lose track of real life and the effects music can have on people.

I will expand my considerations on the importance of drugs and misogyny in Future's music in the second article that you will find by clicking HERE when I will be able to publish it. Thank you so much for your attention and don't forget to read other articles like this here on taysten.com

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