King Von: A Killer From The O'

Updated: Nov 19, 2020


It is a particular and heartfelt pain for me to talk about this artist considering his recent murder. I started listening to him this summer and immediately fell in love with his incredible story-telling skills and thinking that he is no longer here to give us the fourth part of Crazy Story pains me deeply. May he find justice and rest in peace. Dayvon Bennett aka King Von was a 1994 Chicago-born rapper and member of the OTF. When you hear this acronym you are inevitably talking about the label/gang called Only The Family founded in 2012 by rapper Lil Durk. Chicago is a key city in the career of King Von and his gang (whose members we will talk about in the next articles) because he, like most of the OTF, is part of the Only Trey Folks, a branch of the Black Disciples gang founded by David Barksdale in 1958. The latter also has the merit of having given King Von his artistic name: this is because in prison, older men saw in Dayvon a sort of nephew of the great David Barksdale that some of them had personally known. He too was called Von and so Dayvon chose this name to honor him and pursue his musical career. The latter begins in 2018 with the release of the first singles while the first mixtape titled "Grandson Vol. 1" is dropped in 2019. It contains the complete Crazy Story trilogy which are three songs where King Von masterfully recounts the street adventures that see him as protagonist. Von subsequently denied that it was really him since the stories told speak of murders that would have cost him years and years of prison. It should be noted that Crazy Story two is actually just a remix with Lil Durk of Crazy Story 1. You absolutely must listen to this saga because it is a window into King Von's artistic uniqueness. In all his songs he skillfully narrates the street life he really lived. This is evident considering that since the age of 16 the rapper has been in jail numerous times including murder charges. Obviously I do not condone committing crimes or killing, not even if it is a rapper to which I am emotionally attached but my job is to tell you readers about music, as regards morality and law I leave it to those who know more than myself. If you want to know more about the rapper's judicial history, I invite you to watch this video and do more research on the internet. I think it is essential in this case to know more about his personal life if you really want to understand what is behind his music such as the case of the murder of Malcolm Stuckey (an extremely surprising episode).


The rapper's second mixtape is titled Levon James. It contains my favorite King Von song: Took Her To The O which follows the style that sets it apart and takes it to the highest level possible with a fiery flow. If you are wondering what the "O" is, it is a famous neighborhood in Chicago, the so-called O-Block, where the criminal life is at its peak. Just think of how many internationally renowned rappers have come out of this neighborhood like Chief Keef just to mention one. All of them are fundamental exponents of Gangsta-Rap and especially of the Drill which in Chicago is almost sacred. Both mixtapes released by King Von are definitely solid and worth listening to if you are into Drill and street rap. What is easily noticed is that King Von's voice is always aggressive and therefore perfect to hype up in the gym or for when one is furious at something or someone.


A few days before his death, the rapper fortunately managed to witness the release of his first studio album "Welcome To O 'Block" which also clearly refers to the neighborhood of his and his gang. The album does not differ much from the two previous mixtapes in terms of flow or vibes given but it is still a great debut album with some original flows. This has several highlights among which I would definitely mention "All These Ni ** as" with Lil Durk standing today at the top of my most listened songs of the year. Also I recommend you to listen to the beautiful "I Am What I Am" with Fivio Foreign, "Ain't Seen It Coming" with Moneybagg Yo, How It Go and Why He Told where Dayvon talks about the previously mentioned murder of Malcolm Stuckey and the inability of Michael Wade, his accomplice, to keep silence. I would have liked to hear a style evolution and a new originality in the future from King Von but unfortunately he will not be here to fulfill my wish. In conclusion, I advise you readers to listen to him if you are already familiar with the Chicago scene and drill in general and if you are not, I suggest you listen to his most important tracks instead to get an original approach to this great genre. Thanks for reading!

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