Lil Skies: A Young Dark Rose

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Lil Skies is a 22 years old american rapper from Pennsylvania. I'd start talking about him with an interesting anecdote. His first project, the Glowing Microphones EP, was released when he was only 13 and we can safely say that Skies rapped pretty well for a 13 year old. His real musical project begins in 2015 and in the following two years in which skies releases a mixtape every year. We are talking about the two chapters of "Good Grades Bad Habits" and "Alone". These three mixtapes are very little known and have not even been published on the most popular music streaming services but you can easily find them on YouTube. This career start is really promising as it makes us understand the musical qualities of their author who gives us many tracks to put on at a party or to play when having fun with friends. My favorite of the three mixtapes is Good Grades Bad Habits 2 because all the tracks it contains are enjoyable. If you are interested in learning more about what we are talking about, listen to Russel and Life because he himself defined it as one of his most personal and sincere songs . The lyrics are not poetic or incredibly deep but they are interesting and quite mature compared to much of the scene that surrounded him in those years and that still surrounds him today. If I have to criticize Lil Skies' discography from the 2015-2017 period, I would say that his projects at the time, despite being good, sin of creativity and all the songs are based on the same style and musical genre, resulting in the long run a bit obvious. My advice is to listen to these songs only after listening to the subsequent Life of a Dark Rose and Shelby projects.

The boom both artistically and commercially occurs in 2018 with the release of the Life of a Dark Rose mixtape. It consists of a 14-track project that has been very appreciated by the public. It is almost entirely sung by Skies alone who is accompanied by his lifelong friend Landon Cube on only two tracks. Listen to it all because it's a real quality album. The most popular tracks you should definitely hear are: Red Roses ft. Landon Cube, Welcome To The Rodeo, Nowadays ft. Landon Cube and Lust while for the less commercial and more undervalued tracks I would mention The Clique, Cloudy Skies, Big Money, Strictly Business and Signs Of Jealousy. The texts range from self-celebration to the author's rejection of people who pretend to be his friends in order to take advantage of his money and fame.

2019 is yet another musically positive year that produces what is probably the most mature album of his young career. That year Shelby was released, his first studio album named in honor of the versatile rapper's mother, Shelby Foose. A truly touching choice on his part. Probably this very personal title is an indicator of the partly sad and profound content of the aforementioned album. In fact, I am convinced that the best and most unique parts of Shelby are its melancholy pieces like When I'm Wasted, Trough The Motions, Highs and Lows and Name In the Sand which at the time of the album's release I rated as a 10/10 but even today I wouldn't go much below that rating. I would pay to listen to these four masterpieces for the first time since they are songs that leave you with a certain sadness mixed with deep dedication inside. Anyway you should also listen to the rest of the album because even the cheerful and hype tracks are of great impact and Shelby is certainly one of the best albums of 2019 having confirmed Lil Skies among the best composers of lyrics and having confirmed his creativity and stylistic diversity that his longtime fans requested. Remember to listen to this artist paying attention to the pain he puts into his songs and also listen to all the interesting features such as Death Note by Gnar, Lonely by Yung Bans and Lies by Lil Xan. Don't forget the numerous singles that Skies has released in the last two years and has not yet included in a real album if you want to have a complete experience of his music. As usual, feel free to contact me via any platform for more in-depth advice. See you soon!

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