NAV: The Canadian Slime

Updated: Nov 14, 2020


Nav is a Canadian rapper, born in Toronto, of Indian Punjabi origin who began his career as a beatmaker for some artists in his city of Toronto until 2015 when he began releasing songs like “Take me simple” on SoundCloud. In the same year Nav collaborates with Drake in the production of the Meek Mill-aimed diss who paradoxically will become a great friend of his after a few years and will collaborate with him on "Tap" in 2019 and In 2017 he sings together with Travis Scott on Beibs in the Trap which it will then be certified as platinum. His discography begins with the mixtape "The Introduction" which was initially created by fans with his songs released in the period between 2014 and 2016 but then was released after signing with The Weeknd's XO label, also a Torontonian, who will become a friend and a fundamental collaborator for his career. This mixtape shows the original Nav that with some sounds he proposed reminds me somehow of the beginning of The Weeknd's career at the time of Trilogy even if it doesn't reach its epicity. The dark Nav, who sings with his electronic voice on metallic beats is truly unique. The best song off this super dark and shady project in my opinion is Make Your Mind Up.

The lyrics are the classic ones of rap but in Myself, which will also be part of the subsequent mixtape NAV, we find a beautiful image of sadness, loneliness and drug addiction. This song became Nav's first single to enter the hearts of fans around the world. This mixtape is a great debut for Nav. In fact I suggest you listen to it entirely with particular attention to the tracks Lonely, Mariah, TTD, Interlude and Some Way with The Weeknd which is a great diss aimed to Justin Bieber who had previously called The Weeknd's tracks wacks. These tracks masterfully tell the life of their author especially through the story of the drug addiction and trust issues that he is going trough.


The next mixtape Nav released is Perfect Timing, which features stellar features and is made in collaboration with the world famous producer Metro Boomin. It is a purely nocturnal project of remarkable workmanship that mainly contains tracks of braggadocio that must be listened to when the sun has already set but also two more introspective tracks: Held Me Down and the amazing Call Me which could be defined by some as the best track of the album thanks to the feelings of loneliness and the melancholy towards a past relationship that it gives. They are positioned perfectly on the tracklist to break up what some might consider a self-congratulatory monotony. The most exciting tracks I recommend you listen to are Perfect Timing (Intro), Hit, Minute, I am and Bring It Back.

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