NAV: The Canadian Slime PT. 2

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

1 Night and Reckless

In 2018 Nav releases a short EP first, perfect when you want to listen to an entire project but don't have much time or don't want to listen to something too demanding. Almost completely unknown to fans if not hardcore ones, it was made in a single night and for this reason it was called 1 Night. It was created in collaboration with a member of Future's FreeBandzGang: Guap Tarantino. It's entirely produced by ATL Jacob and contains 5 high-level trap tracks with classic lyrics of this genre. The tracks I liked the most from this mixtape are Back It Up and Ratchets but now let's talk about Reckless, the album released by Nav in the same year. This album was heavily criticized by the media and some fans as it was defined as a hasty album, little worked and only released to get money and feed fans who requested new music. Nav himself stated that he was not really committed and released a low quality album believing his fans would appreciate anything he did as this Genius article explain. Despite this controversy, I (but not only me) have enjoyed Reckless very much and it is probably my favorite Nav album both in terms of lyrics, sensations and spectacular songs that this project gives us. Just to mention some of them here you have: Reckless Intro, Never Change, Champion with Travis Scott, What I Need / Deheala Outro, and Freshman List where Nav takes shots at XXL magazine calling it a non-credible and unnecessary magazine and claiming that he would never show up to the XXL Freshman Class because he doesn't need their approval.

Good Habits and Bad Intentions

The year after Nav and his friend Lil Uzi Vert both find themselves in a situation where they decide to retire from the music scene but the XO's manager, Cash, is against this choice therefore he chooses to release 5 tracks he had on his mobile on Audiomack as an EP named Brown Boy which will then end up in the deluxe of his next album Bad Habits released a few days later when Cash finally manages to convince Nav to come out of retirement. It's a trap album of great workmanship that follows a well recognizable sound and mood that will be similar to the one of the album released in 2020, Good Intentions whose name explicitly expresses this similarity. These two albums contain a large amount of trap tracks that really go hard. My favorite Bad Habits tracks are Price On My Head, Amazing, Tap and Hold Your Breath which were respectively made in collaboration with The Weeknd, Future, Meek Mill, Gunna and eventually Why You Crying Mama, a special song with a touching meaning dedicated by Nav to his mother. In Good Intentions I prefer instead: Good Intentions (Intro), No Debate, Status, Turks and Proud of me? but also the track with the late Pop Smoke and others. I think the deluxe of this project is not strictly good or necessary but let me know in the comments if you think it is worth listening to.

Emergency Tsunamy and other tracks.

Nav's latest release is Emergency Tsunami mixtape with producer Wheezy. I still haven't a clear idea of what I think about this project but Friends & Family is a true obsession for me know. It's probably my favorite NAV's trap track ever and it makes me think about his song Turks. Don't need friends is his first solo collab with Lil Baby and I love it, both are on a whole another level. If you are a Nav fan I suggest you to take a look at the unreleased tracks like Put In Work, an absolute banger that I hope will be officially released soon! Don't forget the various features released by Nav over the years such as What Do You Do with Asap Ferg, one of my all-time favorite Nav verse and Baguettes In The Face by Mustard where Navraj takes the song and makes it his own with a chorus and an iconic verse and Bali with the ex label-companions, the 88 Glam. When you read that there is nav in a song, you can be sure that it will be on fire. Hit me up in the comments, on Instagram or via e-mail if you have any question or tip. I reply to everyone also if you just want to chat about music. See you soon guys!

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