How To Listen To Nirvana

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Born in 1987, Nirvana is considered one of the best-known bands in world music, selling nearly 75 million records. In their seven-year career, Nirvana made three studio records plus six collections. Nirvana's first studio album dates back to the 89th (Bleach) record that being the first is still very acerbic in fact I recommend you yo dwell on the next two albums. Their success came with the album "Nevermind" (1991) one of the most important albums in the history of Rock. The popularity of the album certainly comes with the song "Smell Like Teen Spirit" and with the song "Come as You Are" two songs that have in common their popularity, but are very different from each other, in fact I recommend "Smell Like Teen Spirit" in moments of carefree or in moments of celebration being the song not very busy, and instead "Come as You Are" is a song that in my opinion is to be listened to carefully, especially for the initial guitar reef, which is considered one of the most famous reefs in music. Other pieces that I also recommend for their popularity are "Lithium", "In Bloom" and "Polly". In 1993 they released their last and third studio album "In Utero" where there are tracks such as "Rape Me" and "All Apologies", but I want to focus on a specific song that is called "Heart-Shaped Box". I decided to dwell on this song because it is one of the last songs before Kurt Cobain's death, in fact as the main theme of the song you can find death. Another factor that made me even more curious about this song is the music video, the main character of this video is an old dying walking with a pair of white underpants in a field of poppies and with a Santa Claus's cap on his head, in the field of poppies you also see a cross with crows on it and immediately after you see the dying old man climb on the cross with the help of a stair and crucify himself, meanwhile, Santa's cap disappears in his head and a papal mier appears in its place. The old man in the video is clearly the depiction of the church and Of God that means that now God is going to die soon. Another character in the mystical video clip is an overweight winged woman who has the body painted with organs of the human body which reports to the cover of the same album, and that stands to signify sexuality, in fact the heart-shaped box is in first love and in second the female uterus (In Utero) which is just in the shape of a heart, so the song is a critique of the church (according to them, dying) that increasingly tries to censor sexuality and the freedom to have sex, just think that Cobain was a strong supporter for the battle against homophobia.

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