The Weeknd: The King of R&B

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

The Weeknd is one of the best artist of this decade. He is right now holding the number 1 ranking of the most listened to artists globally on Spotify and in recent years he has made an almost frightening number of hits that have made him the acclaimed singer he is today. If you want to know more about his music in an authentic way read this article where I will try to explain you in the simplest and shortest way possible his artistic evolution phase step by step. His real artistic career was born in 2011 with the publication of his very first mixtape "House of Balloons" that is absolutely worth more than a listen. It is a unique and revolutionary project that contains ten tracks that are definitely sophisticated and characterized by dark themes such as parties, drugs, sex and relationships conflict with various women. These same themes are also covered in a very raw way in the next two mixtapes of the artist called "Thursday" and "Echoes of Silence" both composed of ten tracks each, and in 2012 these three mixtapes were brought together under a single collection called "Trilogy". Trilogy is the perfect music for you if you are looking for dark, melancholy sounds, always new and raw lyrics of life over the top. This phase of The Weeknd's career is hard to label but if we were to assign it a genre I would assign it to R&B because nothing has to do with the pop or other genres. Not for nothing The Weeknd is considered by many to be the king of R&B. I recommend you to listen to your favorite tracks off trilogy while driving aimlessly through the streets of a nocturnal city or on a night of intimacy with your partner, I can assure you that she/he will be amazed by your sophisticated musical tastes and they will give you the most suitable atmosphere for the situation in which you find yourself. The night is the moment where Trilogy blooms and releases all of its magic and so if you have read carefully you will have realized that the light of day stifles the capabilities of this incredible project. If you have little time and want to immediately try to listen to a taste of what I have told you, listen to this 5 songs based on my personal taste: Loft Music, Twenty Eight, The Birds Pt. 1/2 and Montreal. That said, I'm not going to go into the details of every song because music needs to be discovered on its own, note by note and word for word, and I certainly won't be the one to deprive you of this unique feeling.

Abel Tesfaye's career progressed with his first album "Kiss Land" in 2013. Enjoy well what this masterpiece has to offer you because from the year after you won't hear this kind of The Weeknd anymore. Kiss Land is in my opinion the second and last of its projects that can be labeled as R&B. These 12 tracks (10 in the original version) will make you understand even more the musical singularity of their creator. The sounds here change, it moves from the sad and gloomy sounds of the first three mixtapes to a sound that is well represented by the word "angelic". The sound is sweet and the listener is heard floating in the sky thanks to the less explicit but always truthful, meaningful and intriguing lyrics that demonstrate The Weeknd's great writing skills. I think the lyrics of 2011-2013. They are the best because they are the pure veilless tale of our artist's unbridled life, ideals and loves. This time, the appetizer I propose is formed by: The Town, Adaptation, Kiss Land, Wanderlust and the legendary Odd Look. In what mood should you listen to Kiss Land? Great Question! Despite the hundreds of listens that I have pleasantly given to this project, its uniqueness prevents me from understanding what is the best situation to listen to it. I recommend that you always keep the lyrics in your hand if English is not your first language when listening to a The Weeknd's track for the first time because you won't otherwise be able to get the true meaning of the song.

If you like, click here to read the second part of my article on The Weeknd because the magic I want to tell you is not over yet!

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