The Weeknd: The King of R&B PT. 2

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

This is the second part of my previous article about "How To Listen To The Weeknd" thus go check it out here if you haven't yet.

The next stage is made by Beauty Behind the Madness, a 2015 album that contains the artist's biggest and most famous hits that will make him an untouchable international star.

This phase form a huge turning point to The Weeknd's career because it consecrates him as a Pop artist and no longer R&B. Probably influenced by discrographic obligations he has to give more appreciable sounds from the masses but despite this BBTM remains a great and very particular album that is definitely worth more than a listen.

The lyrics are of great quality, always aimed at the sexual and amorous field of the artist but never boring or banal. If you love pop music this is the album for you and I'm sure

it won't disappoint you. I recommend to listen: Tell your friends, Often, Shameless, Prisoner (especially if you love Lana Del Rey) and Angel.

The next album, Starboy (2016), of which you have probably already heard, has pop sounds, I would say more pop than the previous one confirming the "commercial" tack of its author and contains a crazy amount of great songs and manages to be the fourth album of The Weeknd without a single bad song. My favorite songs on this album are: Sidewalks, Reminder, A Lonely Night, Die for you and Stargirl interlude (always with his friend Lana Del Rey). Lyrics and music production always on another level. After it the first EP of the Canadian singer "My Dear Melancholy" arrives, which you will surely be able to appreciate and which consists in an innovative way in the return to the old 2011/2013 style of the artist who sings songs to us telling us how a girl (presumably Selena Gomez) broke his heart in an almost irreparable way. If your partner has just left you or if you miss your ex and you want to cry this is the EP for you. Wasted Times is an alien and conquering song and undoubtedly wins the award of being one my favorite The Weeknd's 2018 songs.

To conclude (for now) the incredible career of this super talented artist now we should talk about After Hours. This album, released in 2020, follows in the footsteps of My Dear Melancholy with its sad lyrics capable of breaking the hearts of the listener except for Heartless which is more of a party song than a sad one. The starter of this genre-bending album that I propose consists of: Heartless, Save your Tears, Hardest To Love, Repeat after me (Interlude) and After Hours. If you had not noticed the interludes of the various The Weeknd's album are extraordinary and absolutely unskippable. It's amazing how he hasn't released an unworthy album in so many years of musical career.

I invite you to listen to all the collaborations, singles, unreleased music and what is going to be released in the future. Before saying goodbye, I remind you to listen to the music of our beloved artist, paying attention to the texts that are absolutely wrong considered as secondary and I invite you to contact me in the comments, by email or on Instagram for any curiosity or more in-depth advice. Thanks for reading so far!

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