Mario Judah: funny or talented?

Mario Judah is a 21 year old artist from Atlanta. Let's try to understand who he is and how he became famous. The artist has acquired a lot of notoriety thanks to another more famous rapper, called Playboi Carti. How did Playboi Carti make an artist that he probably didn't even know existed famous ? Let's take a step back: it's August 2018, Carti in a period of great popularity announces the release of his third studio album called Whole Lotta Red which many fans shorten as WLR. Fans expected to be able to get their hands on this album in a few months but it didn't. The release date of the album was continually postponed month after month, year after year causing uncertainty and fury in fans who today, more than two years later have not yet had a trace of Whole Lotta Red. This affair has become iconic and world famous so much that any American rap fan knows the story and looks forward to the release of this legendary album. Rumors say it will be released on December 25th and will be produced by Kanye West himself. Will it be the thruth? Who knows ... we'll see. But what does all this have to do with Mario Judah? Well... He has wisely rode the wave (Rod the Wave 😂) of anger of Playboi Carti fans by continuously issuing intimations to the latter. Mario's Instagram page is flooded with videos of him screaming in anger, begging Carti to release his album. These videos are extremely funny and have gone viral on social media and have given Mario and his music the opportunity to be known globally. The song Die Very Rough is his most famous creation and was already popular enough before the Whole Lotta Red affair but it was this in my opinion that made the artist famous and loved by the people for standing up as a spokesperson for a popular anger . This situation led Mario to release a project called Whole Lotta Red inspired by the most recent style of Playboi Carti to satisfy fans who had not had the opportunity to listen to the original album. What will Carti do on Christmas day? Will he keep the name Mario already used or will he invent a new one? We'll see. As I said before, Judah's only project to date is WLR (part 1) which is entirely made using Carti's typical baby-voice which for those unfamiliar with it is a high-pitched voice that sounds exactly as the voice of a child. People love this man madly and they definitely appreciated his mission to bring people what they have longly waited for. In my opinion, the baby-voice does not really express the talent of the artist who is much better at rock-rap (a style that he also prefers in terms of clothing), a subgenre that he creates with great inventiveness. His most beautiful and creative songs are Die Very Rough, Crush and Can't Stop Me, all rock-rap tracks that I find very very beautiful and inspiring if you are an emo-rap lover or if you are simply looking for something new and pioneering. . Write in the comments if you agree with my interpretation and if you also find that the tracks I mentioned are interesting.

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