Roddy Ricch: From Rags To Riches


Roddy Ricch, pseudonym of Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr. is a young rapper from Compton. He is not used to releasing bad music and therefore has only released three projects so far that we will now go and see. Roddy in 2017 released Feed Tha Streets I. This album contains 16 songs and is little known as only real and OG Roddy Ricch fans know about its existence. It was even removed a few years ago from Spotify to my surprise. However, you can find it on SoundCloud. Its best tracks, in my opinion, are Fucc It Up, Position and Plottin and you must listen to them if you appreciate Roddy's most famous music. In November 2018 he releases the sequel to the previous mixtape that is Feed Tha Streets II which represents a huge musical evolution compared to the previous project because it finally allows Roddy Ricch to master a style of his own that will gradually become more and more unique. It contains twelve tracks in which you'll find some of his most famous songs such as Die Young, Every Season, Down Below but also beautiful and less-known songs like Nascar and Faces. Roddy Ricch is not a lyrical rapper but he has a pleasant voice and a great originality in producing melodies. This project is in my opinion his first one that must be entirely listened to. He was inspired by Future (whose article you can find here) and Young Thug in pursuing his career and in my opinion could be described as the most melodic and clean version of them. His skill does not stray far from the greatness of these two giants.


His latest project to date is Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial which is undoubtedly his best album and one of the best albums of 2020. It contains 16 sensational tracks (as Future would say) among which I must mention The Box which is one of the most successful songs of the year and has exceeded one billion streams. Listen to this project in its entirety because in a few years it will be considered an American hip-hop classic. Roddy Ricch really came out of nowhere and reached the highest stars as he says in War Baby, which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful songs on the album. This song is improved by a beautiful choir cleverly inserted into the song.

"It was hell in the projects, I survived the storm

Got brothers in the sky, they die 'fore they born

I know the worst conditions make a champion

Look at my ice, froze like a mannequin"

Examples of other beautiful songs from this album that come to my mind are Start With Me with Gunna, Perfect Time, High Fashion produced by Mustard and Big Stepper. I'll be back to update this article soon because the rapper recently gave space to the idea that there is an album called Love Is Barely Real Anymore about to come out. A curiosity that could confirm the title of this album is that the first letters of each word form LIBRA which is Roddy Ricch's own zodiac sign. I hope you enjoyed this dip in his amazing music. If you like, take a look at the other articles you find on Taysten. Thanks for your attention!

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